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DIY Makeover Plans 2016


Yikes, It’s Monday again and to boot its the 1st day of February.

Wait, it’s February? Already? How did that happen? It feels like I’ve only just taken down the Christmas decorations.

As promised in my post yesterday, I will share with you my DIY plans for 2016.

  1. Ikea Oddvar stool make over
  2. Old writing desk make over
  3. Ikea APA Box storage make over, with matching accessories
  4. Chair recover and co-ordinating cushions
  5. Notice and mood boards
  6. Foot stool
Furniture Makeover Plans
Furniture Makeover Plans 2016 Champagne with a Twist

Some of these items are pieces which have been lying around for ages, and I’ve been meaning to do something with them.  I aim to make them a little more interesting the in the weeks to come, and I will share my progress with you.

Are you going to do any DIY this year? I would love to hear what your plans are. Please comment below.

Bye for now!


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