Bardens, Stoke Newington Road, Dalston, Hackney

Bardens Cafe and Bar – Review

Barden review
Bardens Cafe and Bar, Dalston

Bardens  is a lovely venue, situated on Stoke Newington Road in Dalston. It has a spacious yet cost atmosphere which is very welcoming.

I popped into Barden’s on the way to a local arts and crafts market for a cup of tea. Sadly, it became obvious that tea is not this establishment’s forte – the amount of milk which accompanied the tea pot was minimal, and the tea itself was not as piping hot or as flavourful as it could have been.

That said, the service was excellent – it was efficient, prompt and polite. I would love to return for a meal, as the venue was beautifully presented, relaxing and friendly.  I particularly like look of the comfy chairs in the front, which reminded me of the furniture in the Central Perk cafe in Friends.  Just a pity about the tea.

Rating 3 out of 5

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