Champagne Twist now on Polyvore


I’ve recently joined Polyvore, which I have found to be really useful for planning my  sewing projects.  I have made physical mood boards in the past, but they involve a lot of time and effort sourcing pictures, and also includes a lot of paper wastage.

I would prefer to save a tree, and while using electronic devices isn’t always the ideal solution, this method does use less paper.

Here’s the first of my mood boards, a gingham based number, with a fabulous bag.
Sunny day city trip outfit

I am going to purchase some gingham fabric and make a similar dress for the summer.  I already have suitable sunnies, and a bag I can make over, so just the shoes and hat to source and I will have this outfit.

If you would like to purchase any of the actual items, there are further details on this link – Sunny day city trip.

I hope you like the mood boards I have created so far, please comment and add your suggestions. Add you can subscribe to this website, to make sure you don’t miss out on news from Champagne Twist.

Thanks for reading.

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