Sofia fabric, black and white stripe

Ikea fabric shopping and the philosophy of a cup of tea


Just a quick little post today about a fabric haul from my Ikea trip.  I purchased 3 pieces of fabric – 1 black solid, 1 white solid and 1 black and white stipe fabric.  And yes there is a theme here 🙂

Sofia fabric, black and white stripe
Sofia fabric, black and white stripe

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Photo source:

The striped fabric will soon be a self drafted pleated skirt. I’ve been hoping to make this skirt for an age, so I’m glad I finally found the idea fabric with the required wide stripes.  I’m aiming to get this completed by the end of the week, and posted on Saturday-ish. The fabric is a quite heavy cotton, so I’m wondering if I should line it.

The plain white fabric may be used as a top, not quite sure yet. However, the plain black fabric is going to be made into trousers, which I will make to match with my Burberry check top – a UFO which I will finish at the end of this month.

As for other news, I’ve decided to ban all TV until Doctor Who and Sherlock comes back on.  It’s all far too depressing, the UK’s political system is in complete disarray, the US isn’t any better, and quite frankly if I see one more program with initials as a title – i.e. CSI, NCIS, CSI New York, CSI Miami, NCIS New Orleans, JAG, NCIS London … OK that last one may have been made up, but deep down you know it’s coming … I think I will scream. Not that I  hate like these programs, I think they’re great (well NCIS is, the rest are OK-ish), but for goodness sakes, at the rate everyone gets killed in these shows, it’s a wonder there is anyone left in the US. If these shows are in anyway a reflection of the US social demographic, they are in a lot more trouble then they think.  It also explains a lot, sadly.

Society seems to have taken a huge backwards step, maybe we should take recent events as a much needed wake up call.  Many of us perhaps took things as read, and became complacent in our understanding of the workings of the world.  As human beings, we continue to fail to think peace first and foremost. Until we do, people will continue to die because of the colour of their skin, their life preferences and their gender. Our parents and grandparents left the horrible times of war, hatred and destruction, so that we could live in peace and harmony. Let’s not fail them or ourselves and return to those dark times.

So you are probably wondering what the philosophy of tea has to do with fabric or world politics.  Well, I have a notion, a daft one perhaps, but a notion all the same. If people stop to drink a cup of tea, instead of thinking up more brutal ways of killing each other, the world can achieve peace. Think about it, if you are holding a cup of tea in one hand, and a small plate of delicious cakes, pastries and biscuits in the other, generally, they have run out of hands to hold a gun, or push a button.  Hopefully, they would be too busy enjoying each others company, and sticky bun, to even contemplate harming anyone.

Yes, it’s a daft notion, but at times like these, you have to cling onto any hope you can.

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Hope you have a nice, peaceful day. See you soon 🙂



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