Personal Trainer Harry Jameson Elegant Resort

Culture Cloud – Lulu Guinness Wellness Event with Harry Jameson


Today turned out to be a humid day, one of those days when you don’t want to be anywhere near the sultry, grey, airless city, which of course was the day I had to be in the city.  However, grey London clouds usually have sparkly silver linings. The lining in this case was a brilliant discussion by Harry Jameson, hosted at the Lulu Guinness store in Covent Garden.

Harry is an international personal trainer and lifestyle coach. He is the winner of Tatler’s Best Hotel PT award, and has a wide ranging extensive career including working in Harley Street. Harry is the founder of the Jameson Retreat.

Personal Trainer Harry Jameson Elegant Resort
Harry Jameson

When asked to provide the audience with his key ideas for wellness, Harry gave 3 general tips –

  1. “One meal doesn’t make you fat”. It’s an accumulation of those meals which can determine your health and welling being.  Forward meal planning is a key idea, where everyone can enjoy a glass of wine, a sugary pudding now and again, just not for every single meal. Harry also mentioned that full abstinence leads to feeling miserable and deprived, which defeats the object of enjoying life.
  2. Without energy, you can’t work, or be your best. You need carbs – yes you do. As carbs are easily stored by the body, it is best to exercise and then eat carbs, such as sweet potatoes, brown rice and pulses.
  3. Protein is important. Harry mentioned that women, in his experience, tended not to eat enough protein, so consider upping the chicken and fish in your diet.

Harry advocates the value of a good night’s sleep, and noted that the best sleep is achieved before midnight. As a person who tends to work well after mid-night, I’ve decided for the sake of my health, I need to knock that on the head.

No really.

OK, I’ll be more realistic, I’m going plan a better sleep regime, and will let you know how it’s progressing :). Follow me, to see my plans for a better night’s sleep.

Exercising, before breakfast, is something I have also taken from Harry’s suggestions. I’m also going to boost my intake of brown rice and cut down on my beloved cashews, pistachios and peanuts – I have been known to eat an industrial sized bag in one sitting.

Lulu Guinness - Modern Day Icons Event, Covent Garden
Lulu Guinness – Modern Day Icons

Check out Harry’s retreat here and his guest editor post on the Lulu Guinness/Culture Cloud website here.

Of course if you are thinking of going on any diet, considering a weight loss program or wish to start a training exercise, please, please, please visit your doctor and seek medical advice from a relevantly qualified practitioner first. Prevention is always better than cure.

During the event, the audience were able to sample COYO frozen yogurt lollies and Simplee Aloe fruit juice drinks. Watch for the reviews later this week.

Yet another brilliant and highly informative event at Lulu Guinness, I look forward to the next one.





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