Proper Corn Smooth Peanut and Almond – review

proper corn.jpgWow! This is INSANE! Popcorn isn’t supposed to taste like this! I have wandered into a dangerous world of Proper Corn, and I’m loving it.

For years I have seen bags upon bags of Proper Corn popcorn, with their varying and often intriguing sounding flavours. I was given a sample of the Smooth Peanut and Almond flavour, and was a little apprehensive, but thought I should give it a try.

WOW! Blow your socks off amazing! Popcorn isn’t supposed to taste like this! I may have said that last line already. The combination of peanut flour and ground almond, together with the popcorn creates what I can honestly describe as the best flavoured popcorn I’ve ever tasted. I say this as a popcorn lover. I say this as the kid who would devour a huge bag of popcorn, before the pre-movie adverts had started. If you see someone ordering 2 extra large popcorn buckets at the cinema, come over and say hi, it’s most probably me!

But this blasts away any cinema popcorn to the little leagues. You’re lucky to see any, as I had scoffed 3/4 of the bag before I remembered I needed to take pics.  It is so nutty, without being clawing. It does contain salt and sugar, but the quantities are more of a gentle seasoning, rather than an overpowering flavour enhancer. My only gripe, the bag should have been way, way bigger.

To boot, this is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and only 120 cals per bag. Where has this product been all my life? Oh yeah, I know, I just kept passing by it, because I didn’t know popcorn was supposed to taste like this.

People, do yourself a favour – if you love popcorn, get this.

Rating 5 out of 5


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