Herb growing – Wildlife Gardening Workshop: Holland Park Ecology Centre


Last Saturday, I popped over to Holland Park Ecology Centre, in the rather fashionable part of London town, to listen to Julie Henley-Wilkinson’s talk about herb growing.

As part of the talk, the audience was treated to visits to 2 different allotments tin the Kensington area, and well as a demonstration and hand-on workshop on herb propagation. Below is a video I put together of the demonstration, followed by a few pictures to clarify anything that wasn’t clearly covered in the footage.

I’m in the process of editing a couple more videos relating to the trip, which I will publish soon.  For now, if you’re interested in growing your own herbs, I hope you will find the following useful.


leaf node

leaves stem

Herb cutting propagation
Rosemary cutting

By the way, I have a recipe for focaccia bread using rosemary, as well as a post about regrowing your own food here. Check them out!

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The visit to Holland Park took place several hours before the horrific events at Borough Market, Vauxhall and London Bridge. Please, if you can, donate to the British Red Cross to help the victims and their families. http://www.redcross.co.uk/love. Thank you.

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