Lavender sugar recipe for baking

Lavender sugar – recipe | Champagne Twist


Now that we’re deep into summer, the lavender plants are yielding their flowers in a glorious hue of blues and purples. Try to save the essence of summer, by preserving the flower heads for use in the cold winter months to come.

Lavender sugar is surprisingly versatile but expensive to purchase. The last time I checked, Waitrose sold small jars for £5 each.  Yet it is so easy to make yourself, and if you grow lavender, it costs next to nothing. Try this simple recipe and save yourself some time and money.

ideas for using lavender flowers in food recipes
recipe for lavender flower sugar

Lavender Sugar – recipe


  • 1 tbsp Lavender flowers – dried food grade
  • 500g Golden Caster Sugar – you can use white caster sugar if you prefer

You will also need a lidded jar, large enough to contain the sugar.


  1. Add the lavender and sugar in the jar. Secure the lid and shake until well combined.
  2. Store in a cool, dark and dry place. Leave for at least a week before use.

For a gift idea, you can decorate the jar with a gift tag and ribbon.

You can use lavender sugar for many recipes, try lavender sugar cookies, blueberry and lavender cheesecake or lemon lavender cake.

Let me know if you try these recipes, and how they worked out for you.

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