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Refashioning Couture

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Yesterday, I started a new series called Refashioning Couture, where I document my journey towards making a couture inspired wardrobe. For my first project, I’m making a dress based on the popular lemon print design by Dolce and Gabbana.


Dolce and Gabbana lemon print dress.
Lemon print on black background dress with fluted hem. Dolce And Gabbana. Picture source –


Design Sketch

Recently, I started a sewing sketch book, where I draw out my ideas and include fabric swatches. It has proved to be a very useful tool and a fun way to keep track of my sewing projects.  Below is my sketch for the Lemon Grove dress.

lemon plan


Fabric Selection

The main fabric will be the lovely cotton print which I purchased from Pigeon Wishes over on Etsy. The print is a near perfect replica of the original, and the fabric itself is a lovely soft cotton.

After some thought, I decided to also fully line the bodice and half line the skirt with some black light weight cotton. This, I hope will help give the dress structure and longevity. I’m only half lining the skirt as it’s a Summer dress and I don’t want it to be too heavy or uncomfortable to wear in the heat.

lemon fabric


I think the way to go about this design is to pattern hack not 1 but 2 patterns from the By Hand London collection.  Having successfully made the Charlie Dress, I think taking the bodice from that design and adding it to the Charlotte skirt, I can hack together a dress similar to the original D&G design.

Adjustments and Alterations


This time around, for the bodice straps I will make long ties, which will be tied into bows at the top of the shoulders. I like this feature from the original, and I think it can work on my dress.

I am not going to add a collar to the bodice, as for this project, I would prefer a clean neckline. Every thing else will remain the same.


I will shorten the hem, and add a longer flounce, as the current length while flattering,  may would be too restrictive for walking.  I like fashion, but I have no intention to suffer for it!!!

I’m eliminating the waist band, so I need to double check that the hem of the bodice matches the waist line of the skirt.

lemon dress plan

Next time

Cutting out time! I will not make a muslin because I live on the edge (actually I’m too excited to make a muslin – this could be dangerous!). I will also start the basic construction, reporting on any issues I may come across as I sew.

To find out what happens next on the Lemon Grove dress project, please subscribe to ensure you don’t miss out.

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