Wednesday Thinking The Mid-week Editorialv

Wednesday Thinking: Is it OK for shops to sell used accessories as new? | Champagne Twist

Wednesday Thinking The Mid-week Editorialv
Wednesday Thinking The Mid-week Editorial

The answer is no, right?

I have like most fashionistas been stalking the online sales and discovered a couple of cool, straw hats from a famous, high end, high street fashion store. (I have chosen not to name and shame this store … for now.) I purchased 1 immediately, and waited until funds were available to purchase the other.

Sadly by the time I saved up, the 2nd hat was sold out.

Then a couple of weeks later, to my joy, the particular hat came back in stock. I wasted little time in ordering that baby.

A couple of days later, my second hat arrived. I opened it the box and low and behold, the hat was not new.  How did I know? Because there was a very long blonde hair in lodged inside hat.

I am not blonde. Well not today anyway.

I was straight on the phone to the shop customer care line, to explain my disappointment and disgust. I was asked to send photographic proof, which I did. I was given the usual corporate talk and was assured that this sort of thing doesn’t happen and that I would be offered a discount off the hat.

2 days later, after I emailed the photo, and after I made a 2nd phone call to customer services, I was offered the cost of postage refund – and that was it.

I decided that I couldn’t wear a hat that was a) sold as new when it clearly wasn’t and b) worn by some unknown person.  I returned the hat, and received a full refund including postage costs.

The hat is back on the website, for sale as new! Some poor unsuspecting customer will purchase that hat unaware that it has been sent to at least 2 other people and worn by at least 1 other person.

Needless to say I will never purchase anything from that store again, but I’m pretty horrified that this item is being sold as new, when it obviously isn’t.  Unlike clothes, you can’t put a straw hat in the washing machine, or easily clean it without considerable further expense.

Do you think this situation is ok, or should stores inform their customers that some items have been sold and returned, and cost the item accordingly? Do you think stores should be allowed to sell these items as new or should such items be sold as seconds?

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading