Lulu Guinness Benefit Cosmetics Event

Today, I was lucky enough to attend the Culture Cloud, Benefit Cosmetics brow make up demo, hosted by Lulu Guinness at their Covent Garden in central London. It was fun and informative session, where the audience learned how to properly apply brow makeup, and were introduced to the Benefits make-up range.

We are also given the opportunity to browse the new Lulu Guinness Spring/Summer Collection, here’s a highlight video –

For the event I wore my “Round Things” skirt, together with a striped top and a “Marcie” bag from Lulu Guinness.  Unfortunately, the predicted 20 degree weather turned out to be a mini monsoon in reality. So as I write this, I’m loading up with hot cups of tea and any fruit which contains high levels of vitamin C.  To think it’s June in a couple of weeks!

Lulu Guinness Marcie bag in mist with round things skirt

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Metal Eye keyring - Lulu Guinness Gift Idea and Review

Lulu Guinness – Metal Eye Keyring: Christmas Gift Ideas and Review

Ever had to buy a gift for someone who appears to have everything – in triplicate? Well if you have a Lulu Guinness fan in your group, then why not buy them a key ring.

A key ring?  Yes, you read that correctly, a key ring.  But I warn you, they are not cheap, but then when else can you indulge other than Christmas or birthdays?

Metal Eye keyring - Lulu Guinness Gift Idea and Review
Lulu Guinness Metal Eye keyring. Picture source

This particular keyring – the Metal Eye – costs around £45 and can be purchased in store or online at both or As a keyring, it does a good job, it’s robust, clunky and works as an attractive accessory.  But I don’t use it as a keyring because a) I fear with all the junk I have in my bag, it would be easily scratched or otherwise damaged, and b) it’s too nice to be hidden away in the depths of my hand bag.  Hence why I have converted this keyring into a bag charm.

Lulu Guinness Metal Eye Keyring
Metal Eye Keyring by Lulu Guinness

I wish this keying included a clasp so it would be easier to convert into a bag charm.  Other Lulu Guinness key rings do include a clasp so bear that in mind if you are thinking of trying this gift idea.  I temporarily tied mine to a vintage Lulu Guinness bag with some black ribbon.  The hardware matches the keyring, providing an instant contemporary update.

You could also attach the keyring to a purse, wallet or clutch to instantly transform a plain accessory into something that could add sparkle to your evening wear.

Try tying a long piece of grosgrain or sheer ribbon to the ring, and wear as a piece of jewellery, such as a pendant necklace, a choker or a bracelet.

Metal Eye Keyring by Lulu Guinness review by Champagne Twist
Lulu Guinness Metal Eye Keyring Champagne Twist

The ‘eye’ could be threaded with a very long piece of ribbon and used as a belt buckle.  Tie it to the branches of your Christmas tree and attach a gift tag, as a on-trend way of gift giving.

So don’t just view this as an expensive one trick gift, if presented in an unusual way, the Metal Eye keyring could provide many years of multi use.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Disclaimer: The item mentioned was gifted during a Lulu Guinness promo event.



#COYOPops ice lolly

Coyo Yogurt Ice Lolly – review


Yesterday, I mentioned how the audience were invited to sample COYO lollies at the Culture Cloud – Lulu Guinness wellness event in Covent Garden. As promised here is a review of the lollies.

Created especially for Lulu Guinness’ in store Picnic Pop-Up, the COYO Pops‬ yoghurt ice lollies are, available exclusively at the Covent Garden shop until late July.

Picnic Pop-Up Lulu Guinness COYO
Lulu Guinness Picnic Pop-Up Limited edition lollies made with CO-YO coconut milk alternative Picture source:

I tried the Skinny Dip Chocolate Ice lolly, and have to say, it was delicious.

The texture was beautifully creamy, yet the flavour wasn’t the expected sickly, sugary sweet, tongue tieing affair. It was simply a tasty coconut lolly, covered with a good quality chocolate covering. Chocolate and coconut are a natural combination, but if you’re thinking this was a frozen Bounty on a stick, you couldn’t be more wrong. This is truly one of the best lollies I’ve ever had, and I’m going to make a special trip to try the other flavours.

#COYOPops ice lolly
COYO Pops ice Lolly, Lulu Guinness Picnic Pop-UP Picture source: Francesca Hodge via instagram 

Yes, I’m going to make a special trip just for a couple of lollies, they are that good!If you’re in the area, and would like an healthy alternative to regular ice lollies or ice cream, you could do a lot worse than to visit the temporary pop up venue.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The Picnic Pop-Up is running until 22nd July, at the Lulu Guinness Covent Garden store. The other flavours, which I didn’t taste, are Sunny Salted Caramel and Very Vanilla. Cost £3.

COYO coconut yogurt alternative is on sale in most supermarkets. I’m going to find some and create some recipes using this product.



COYO Coconut Yoghurt Alternative
COYO Coconut Yoghurt Alternative Natural

Have you tried any of the COYO products? What did you think? Why not comment below. Please don’t forget to like and subscribe if you would like more from Champagne Twist.

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Personal Trainer Harry Jameson Elegant Resort

Culture Cloud – Lulu Guinness Wellness Event with Harry Jameson


Today turned out to be a humid day, one of those days when you don’t want to be anywhere near the sultry, grey, airless city, which of course was the day I had to be in the city.  However, grey London clouds usually have sparkly silver linings. The lining in this case was a brilliant discussion by Harry Jameson, hosted at the Lulu Guinness store in Covent Garden.

Harry is an international personal trainer and lifestyle coach. He is the winner of Tatler’s Best Hotel PT award, and has a wide ranging extensive career including working in Harley Street. Harry is the founder of the Jameson Retreat.

Personal Trainer Harry Jameson Elegant Resort
Harry Jameson

When asked to provide the audience with his key ideas for wellness, Harry gave 3 general tips –

  1. “One meal doesn’t make you fat”. It’s an accumulation of those meals which can determine your health and welling being.  Forward meal planning is a key idea, where everyone can enjoy a glass of wine, a sugary pudding now and again, just not for every single meal. Harry also mentioned that full abstinence leads to feeling miserable and deprived, which defeats the object of enjoying life.
  2. Without energy, you can’t work, or be your best. You need carbs – yes you do. As carbs are easily stored by the body, it is best to exercise and then eat carbs, such as sweet potatoes, brown rice and pulses.
  3. Protein is important. Harry mentioned that women, in his experience, tended not to eat enough protein, so consider upping the chicken and fish in your diet.

Harry advocates the value of a good night’s sleep, and noted that the best sleep is achieved before midnight. As a person who tends to work well after mid-night, I’ve decided for the sake of my health, I need to knock that on the head.

No really.

OK, I’ll be more realistic, I’m going plan a better sleep regime, and will let you know how it’s progressing :). Follow me, to see my plans for a better night’s sleep.

Exercising, before breakfast, is something I have also taken from Harry’s suggestions. I’m also going to boost my intake of brown rice and cut down on my beloved cashews, pistachios and peanuts – I have been known to eat an industrial sized bag in one sitting.

Lulu Guinness - Modern Day Icons Event, Covent Garden
Lulu Guinness – Modern Day Icons

Check out Harry’s retreat here and his guest editor post on the Lulu Guinness/Culture Cloud website here.

Of course if you are thinking of going on any diet, considering a weight loss program or wish to start a training exercise, please, please, please visit your doctor and seek medical advice from a relevantly qualified practitioner first. Prevention is always better than cure.

During the event, the audience were able to sample COYO frozen yogurt lollies and Simplee Aloe fruit juice drinks. Watch for the reviews later this week.

Yet another brilliant and highly informative event at Lulu Guinness, I look forward to the next one.





Lulu Guinness Modern Day Icons

Lulu Guinness -Modern Day Icons event part 2 – review

Yesterday, I teased about the Modern Day Icons event, at the Lulu Guinness Covent Garden store. Well, as promised, here’s the low down of what was truly a fabulous and inspiring event.

Treated to generous glasses of champers and delicious canapés created by some of the panelists, the early birds were permitted to pursue the glorious store stock of beautiful bags and accessories.

But the real event was yet to come. The audience were introduced to 6 inspiring women, over 2 panels, where they discussed various topics regarding their status as ‘Modern Day Icons‘.  This event is being heavily promoted by Lulu Guinness in their aim to show their “love of culturally interesting women”.

Lulu Guinness Modern Day Icons
1st Panel (from left to right) Meredith O’Shaughnessy, Lucy Brown, Jenny Quintero and event host Francesca Hodge (Photo Source Francesca Hodge Instagram)

Photo source:

1st Panel

Meredith O’Shaughnessy

Creator of the Meredith Collective brand, Meredith spoke of the development of her businesses, offering the insightful tip, to talk to people about your ideas, once they get excited, then you should do something about it.  Ideas need follow up action, “ideas are the easy part”.

Meredith discussed how said running a business is hard work – “you can’t stop, it’s relentless … can be lonely at times”.  However the rewards are there, as her business testifies.

Her company, ‘Ohlala’, provided some delicious macarons for the event. Check out my  review soon.

Lucy Brown and Jenny Quintero

A former model agent and magazine publishing manager, Lucy and Jenny both quit their jobs to develop ‘Jar Kitchen‘ situated in Drury Lane, Covent Garden.

Lucy spoke of how members of her family gave her emotionally support, which proved very confidence building.  I think this kind of support is crucial to self development, especially when you’re embarking on a new business venture.

All 3 ladies are proof positive that hard work, dedication and love for the work you do, can provide life fulfilment.   There will be detractors, but you don’t have to work or collaborate with anyone who shows a lack of respect for your position or ideas.

That’s all for today, tomorrow I will post about the 2nd panel which was a brilliant as the first. In the meanwhile you can read more about Lulu Guinness’ Modern Day Icons on the official website here.

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Modern Day Icons part 1

Lulu Guinness Modern Day Icons

Modern Day Icons, Lulu Guinness Event

Lulu Guinness Modern Day Icons
Lulu Guinness Modern Day Icons

Today was one of those days. A rare day when I didn’t feel like doing anything, sapped of energy and on my 3rd measure of anti flu meds, while the world outside was busy running around with their daily lives.

I had recently received an invite to attend a panel discussion at the world famous Lulu Guinness store, in Covent Garden.  I immediately jumped at the chance,  Lulu Guinness is one of my most favourite designers of all time! I’ve collected her bags since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

But then Thursday morning arrived, my head full of cold, the unexpected sun shine, which of course meant the outfit I had planned was completely unsuitable, I resolved my attendance was not meant to be.

As the hours passed from morning to afternoon, my inner voice of reason spoke (we have regular convos, which worries my Mother somewhat) and said, “What on earth are you thinking? Of course you’re going – you’ve been invited to spend an entire evening surrounded by Lulu Guinness bags, and listen to 6 inspiring women talk about their work. Oh and did I mention you’re going to spend the entire evening surrounded by Lulu Guinness bags?”

Isn’t it remarkable how a week long flu can disappear in a matter of moments.

Almost as remarkable, my outfit wasn’t deemed as inappropriate anymore – although that was more to do with the fact that I had co-ordinated my clothes to match my vintage Lulu Guinness bag, and I wasn’t about to start another conversation with my inner Gok Wan.

Lulu Guinness - Modern Day Icons Event, Covent Garden
Lulu Guinness – Modern Day Icons

The venue: Covent Garden.

The atmosphere: Exciting.

The facilities: Put it this way, when you walk into a luxury accessories store and the very first thing that happens, when you’ve barely stepped over the threshold, some kind soul offers a glass of champagne adorned with a strawberry. It’s safe to say when that happens, you’re in for a treat.

Me Made May 16 Pineapple Print Skirt, Lulu Guinness Modern Day Icons Event
Me Made May 16 Pineapple Print Skirt

Having the chance to pursue the beautiful array of handbags and accessories, whilst sampling delicious canapés doesn’t happen every day.  It should.


More on the Modern Day Icons event tomorrow.  Tonight, I’m going to bed, to dream of my evening with Marcie, Chloe, Rachel … oh Rachel …