3 things I learnt during Me Made May 2017

Hello folks,

The Cunning Plan Skirt | Champagne Twist
The Cunning Plan Skirt | Champagne Twist

So here we are in June and the #MMMay17 challenge is over for another year. This is the first time I had fully embraced the challenge and these are the 3 main things I learnt.

  1. Wearing and/or making something everyday is hard. On some days, especially the sunny ones, I just wanted to go out in the sunshine and enjoy it. Living in the UK you quickly learn that warm sunny days are few and far between so we have to make the most of them. Sadly that becomes difficult if you have to drag a head sewing machine along.

On some days, such as the Manchester bombing, sewing became unimportant. Thankfully most of the time, sewing is a fun and creative outlet. I learnt that there is little point forcing yourself when you don’t feel like picking up a needle. Sometimes it’s best to walk away for a couple of hours and then return when the time is right.

2. I’m pleased my handmade wardrobe is building up nicely. I have made and worn a lot of skirts, a few dresses but oddly no trousers! I could do with a few more tops too.  The gaps in my handmade wardrobe have certainly been highlighted, and I wouldn’t have noticed had it not been for the MMMay17 challenge. I shall spend the rest of the year addressing these wardrobe gaps, when my current projects are completed.

3. I have a lot of sewing ideas and plans in my head, but few on paper.  I discovered the best way to resolve this was to start a sewing sketchbook.  It has been fun going through magazines and Pinterest, and adding them to my sketchbook. It is also a helpful tool for designing new clothes and addressing gaps in my wardrobe. I shall be writing a post soon about how to create a sewing sketchbook.

mmm plain

Next year, I’m going to change my tactics and vlog MMMay18 weekly, rather than a daily basis. The extra pressure I had placed on myself to blog, vlog and make, especially with a computer which was acting up, was too much.

However I did enjoy this challenge and hopefully this time next year my wardrobe will be nearly 100% complete.

Did you take part in MMMay17? What did you learn from the process? Please leave your thoughts and comments below.



It’s the day after the day before, and I’m still thinking about the awful events in Manchester. Sewing yesterday was the last thing on my mind, and today I had to force myself to sew a simple belt for my jumpsuit.  If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I’m on a bit of a daisy and gingham vibe.  Well I was until 2 days ago. Daisies are one of my favourite flowers, and happens to symbolise innocence and youth. I, like many school children, had a gingham dress which my mum made for me. I adored that dress – not a lot of people can say they liked their school uniform, but I did, because Mummy made it. It was a lovely shade of yellow and reminded me of sunshine.

So surrounded by gingham fabric and masses of daisy trim upon hearing the absolute horror about Manchester – well it didn’t seem right somehow to sew something so symbolic.


Lulu Guinness Benefit Cosmetics Event

Today, I was lucky enough to attend the Culture Cloud, Benefit Cosmetics brow make up demo, hosted by Lulu Guinness at their Covent Garden in central London. It was fun and informative session, where the audience learned how to properly apply brow makeup, and were introduced to the Benefits make-up range.

We are also given the opportunity to browse the new Lulu Guinness Spring/Summer Collection, here’s a highlight video –

For the event I wore my “Round Things” skirt, together with a striped top and a “Marcie” bag from Lulu Guinness.  Unfortunately, the predicted 20 degree weather turned out to be a mini monsoon in reality. So as I write this, I’m loading up with hot cups of tea and any fruit which contains high levels of vitamin C.  To think it’s June in a couple of weeks!

Lulu Guinness Marcie bag in mist with round things skirt

Thanks for reading.

Clothkits Big Birdie Skirt – Completed



A quick note about how I completed the Clothkits Big Birdie skirt –

CKits cover

Planned adjustments:

  1. I added a lining to the skirt, the fabric came from a stall in Walthamstow market.  It is 100% viscose, polka dot, for £2.50 per meter.
  2. To add a little length, I finished the hem with bias binding.
  3. I will add hanger tapes, made from the measuring tape ribbon provided.

Adjustments made:

I finished all the cut edges with an overlock stitch. This not completely necessary, but there is plenty of sewing thread provided should you wish to do the same.

Below is a short video featuring the skirt, enjoy!

Thanks for reading and watching.

Me Made May – Day 9 | Champagne Twist

Today, I wore for the first time my new Big Birdie skirt, which I renamed the Birdie Skirt.  Yes it is May, and corduroy season is well and truly over, but it has ben so cold recent. So instead of saving the skirt for Autumn, I gave it a test run.  I must say I really like it, it very comfortable, and thanks to my bias binding hem, it’s not too short. I will be looking out for more designs from Clothkits.

Here’s a review of the skirt I made: review.

The video below is also an update on the lining I added to the kit –

 Me Made Wear – The Birdie Skirt