Febreze Candle Frosted Pine -Review

Febreze Scented Candles review by Champagne Twist. champagnetwist.wordpress.com
Febreze scented candle – review by Champagne Twist. champagnetwist.wordpress.com


Perhaps I received a dud candle. Maybe the scent is so subtle I can’t detect it. But after several hours of burning time, the room has yet to smell like pine, frosted for otherwise.

This is a huge disappointment as I was really looking forward to my living room smelling like an winter alpine forest.

The colour is a lovely shade of pine green.  The candle melts evenly, and the art work on the plastic surround looks really festive.  There is plenty of after use with the glass votive, and the minimum packaging is a plus. The main problem I have with this candle, is the total lack of scent, and as an item marketed as a scented candle, that is very disappointing.

Rating: 1 out of 5