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Following from yesterday’s post featuring Marie Forleo’s 3 questions, here’s a quote which I thought was very apt;

It’s not till you let go of something that you see how it’s been holding you back.

Marie Forleo

3 quotes which sum up everything wrong with the American Dream


“People are so busy dreaming the American Dream, fantasizing about what they could be or have a right to be, that they’re all asleep at the switch. Consequently we are living in the Age of Human Error.” – Florence King

“For many, the American dream has become a nightmare.” – Bernie Sanders

“It’s called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.” – George Carlin




Gandhi Quote Friday champagnetwist.wordpress.com

Quote Friday

Gandhi Quote Friday champagnetwist.wordpress.com
There is no path to peace. Peace is the path. Gandhi

Well it seems a time for more tears in the aftermath of yet another tragedy in France and reports of a military coup in Turkey.  I tweeted earlier questioning why we keep thinking of more despicable ways of killing each other, rather than thinking of positive ways to love each other.  And then the coup in Turkey happened.  Sometimes I wonder why do we bother to carry on.

But we must, because the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.  Please pray for the people affected by the troubles in Nice, Turkey and all other places in our beautiful planet, who are suffering through no fault of their own. Please give them hope of a better tomorrow.