3 quick and simple DIY Christmas centrepieces

In case you missed it, and well done if you have, Christmas is nearly here. It can be a very expensive time of year, so if you would like to save some cash but still want to participate in the season’s festivities, why not try these 3 quick, simple and affordable Christmas table decorations?

  • Candle and Cones


Years ago, I purchased a bag of pine cones from my local florist, for the grand sum of 50p. Of course you can collect them for free if you are lucky enough to live near a forest, but note you may have to seek permission first. Pine cones last for years, I keep mine in a cardboard box along with my other Christmas decorations.

Using a large candle, with 3 wicks to represent the holy trinity (it is a religious festival after all), I centre it on a heat proof glass plate, then I cover the plate with the pine cones.

As with all candles, never leave lit candles unattended. Be extra careful as pine cones are great tinder material!

For an alternative, try using a ring oasis, which can be purchased from Wilkos for around £3.50. Ensure that you give the oasis a good soak and then decorate with a mixture of evergreen foliage, baubles, pine cones and other Christmas decorations. Place on a plate, and add a large pillar candle in the middle.


  • Vases and Fairy Lights

If you have 3 or 5 vases of varying heights and widths, you can create a stunning centrepiece.  Fill one of the vases with evergreen foliage, one with pine cones, another with baubles, one with battery operated fairy lights and one with tinsel.


Here I used 3 vases – one was filled with different types of pine cones, another with foliage from the garden and the middle one with baubles and battery operated lights. Instant centrepiece using items I already own.


  • Bauble Cake Stand

Bauble Cake Stand.jpg

This is cake stand came from IKEA.


Picture source: Ikea.com.

At under £10, it is an affordable centrepiece in it’s own right. Add some baubles, and hang some decorations from the lid and you have made a festive treat for the eyes. Hey, it’s healthier than filling the stand with cake.

Did I just say that?

Metal Eye keyring - Lulu Guinness Gift Idea and Review

Lulu Guinness – Metal Eye Keyring: Christmas Gift Ideas and Review

Ever had to buy a gift for someone who appears to have everything – in triplicate? Well if you have a Lulu Guinness fan in your group, then why not buy them a key ring.

A key ring?  Yes, you read that correctly, a key ring.  But I warn you, they are not cheap, but then when else can you indulge other than Christmas or birthdays?

Metal Eye keyring - Lulu Guinness Gift Idea and Review
Lulu Guinness Metal Eye keyring. Picture source QVCUK.com

This particular keyring – the Metal Eye – costs around £45 and can be purchased in store or online at both LuluGuinness.com or QVCUK.com. As a keyring, it does a good job, it’s robust, clunky and works as an attractive accessory.  But I don’t use it as a keyring because a) I fear with all the junk I have in my bag, it would be easily scratched or otherwise damaged, and b) it’s too nice to be hidden away in the depths of my hand bag.  Hence why I have converted this keyring into a bag charm.

Lulu Guinness Metal Eye Keyring
Metal Eye Keyring by Lulu Guinness

I wish this keying included a clasp so it would be easier to convert into a bag charm.  Other Lulu Guinness key rings do include a clasp so bear that in mind if you are thinking of trying this gift idea.  I temporarily tied mine to a vintage Lulu Guinness bag with some black ribbon.  The hardware matches the keyring, providing an instant contemporary update.

You could also attach the keyring to a purse, wallet or clutch to instantly transform a plain accessory into something that could add sparkle to your evening wear.

Try tying a long piece of grosgrain or sheer ribbon to the ring, and wear as a piece of jewellery, such as a pendant necklace, a choker or a bracelet.

Metal Eye Keyring by Lulu Guinness review by Champagne Twist
Lulu Guinness Metal Eye Keyring Champagne Twist champagnetwist.wordpress.com

The ‘eye’ could be threaded with a very long piece of ribbon and used as a belt buckle.  Tie it to the branches of your Christmas tree and attach a gift tag, as a on-trend way of gift giving.

So don’t just view this as an expensive one trick gift, if presented in an unusual way, the Metal Eye keyring could provide many years of multi use.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Disclaimer: The item mentioned was gifted during a Lulu Guinness promo event.



You Soft Touch hand cream by Dirty Works

Dirty Works: You Soft Touch Hand Cream – sample review

You Soft Touch hand cream by Dirty Works
Dirty Works – You Soft Touch hand cream review by Champagne Twist

Wow! This was a little shocker.  I had received a 10ml sample of hand cream in the post and thought, ‘ooh, nice surprise’.  Then I tried it. As a hand cream, it softens skin, leaving them lovely and smooth. There’s no greasy residue, when applied the cream sinks into the skin easily and quickly, basically everything you would expect from a good hand cream.

But the real gem is the scent. It is one of the most gorgeous smelling hand creams I have ever tried.  Sort of coconutty, with tropical floral notes. Dirty Work’s should seriously consider producing the scent as a perfume (- and if they do I want a cut please – or at least a credit!)

As regular readers will know, I like making my own creams from nut butters, including cocoa and shea.  But if you’re looking for a stocking filler or an affordable beauty treat,  you won’t go far wrong with this. Containing cocoa butter, jojoba and shea, the hand cream has not been tested on animals.

It’s not often that a product ticks all the boxes, it’s hard for me to find fault, as even the price is right at £2.50 per 100ml tube.  Dirty Works ‘You Soft Touch’ hand cream, rivals designer brands in terms of quality and smells far nicer than most.

Rating: 5 out of 5 (Yes I’m that impressed!).

Disclaimer: I had been sent a free sample of this item from Sainsbury’s.


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