Revamp your blog with me.


If like me you’re revamping your social network sites, but funds are not abundant, especially after the Christmas festivities, you could do worse than invest in a reference book.

Fiona Humberstone’s, “How to style your brand”, has been recommended by many successful bloggers, including Kristabel’s, I want you to know and Olivia’s, What Olivia Did.  If your funds can’t yet stretch the £20 or so to purchase the book don’t worry.  Below are links from the Hiscox website which were published in 2015, featuring a wealth of information written by Fiona, which should act as a pre-cursor to her book.

Part 1 – The Absolute Essentials

Part 2 – Finding Your Focus

Part 3 – Colour Psychology – Your Secret Weapon

Part 4 – Creating a Compelling Vision

Part 5 – Reviewing Creative Work

Also, check out Fiona’s website, which includes a number of resources, some of which can be downloaded for free.

How are your 2017 plans going? Please share with us in the comments below, and track my site revamp progress by subscribing. Thanks for reading.